Anonymous asked:

how do i get off the interent and do my homework?

punacceptable answered:

ok pal heres what i suggest!!!!!!!!

  • delete apps from ur phone that distract u until u finish ur hw and then u can redownload them (i delete tumblr, youtube, kik, whale trail and snapchat)
  • turn off ur phone„ just turn it OFF completely ok
  • log out of tumblr dont just x out the window
  • create a work space!!! get EVERYTHING u need, pencils, pens, paper, textbooks
  • put on music (if it helps u) i listen to disney soundtracks or movie scores i find it helps me do homework!!!!!
  • dont give in to distraction, for me i have to do all my homework at once and i cant give myself breaks because then i just get distracted!!!
  • remember u can go online as much as u want if u do homework now even if u dont get instant gratification!!!